Mr. Majestic

This Is Who I AM

"The Cosmic Vibist"

Hey, Welcome to the Cosmos.

"I AM" Eric A. Majied- The Six Mallet Vibist

You’ve come to the right site for your musical appetite.  Follow the Universal urge to visit each one of my pages where you will see, hear and read what you love. The Vibraphone ignites my passion; composing brings me pleasure.  Because my musical journey taught me that music comes to us all, I want to share this passion and pleasure with you. As I discovered my ability to hear music in one form and translate it into a form that students could grasp, my passion for teaching blossomed. So I share with you my love of the art of music and hope that you feel my vibe.  

It would be a great gift to hear from you. I welcome your feedback via email sharing how my music touched you. I am also interested to know which tracks you'd love to hear in LIVE Performance!! To learn more about my six Mallet vibraphone grip technique, email me and we will vibe. 

Businesses that promote our musical products and services are:

CD Baby: Full albums or individual tracks may be purchased by digital download.

Majied Enterprises, Rafiq Records and MeMe DeDe Music (Publishing).

Majied Enterprises “Promoting Music from the Heart to reach the Heart”.